We hope everyone is as excited to garden as we are!


It's all about planting the seeds and the growth. If you haven't started sowing your seeds then now is the time! The weather is warmer and wet, you can scatter seeds in your garden or start in little planters inside your house if your area is not as warm. Keep an eye on them and make sure your dirt is always wet. Normally watering everyday if there is sun. After 10-14 days you should start to see a sprout here and there. If not then the seeds were probably bad.

A few things we recently planted are pineapple tomatillos (our favorite), micro cilantro, golden beets, Detroit red beets, purple basil, dill and more.



We all know how difficult it is storing fresh herbs and making them last in the fridge. Don't worry though, we have a solution that will make herbs last at least 2 weeks!

First, you will need an airtight container. Wrap the herbs you want to store in a sheet of dry paper towel. Roll it up and close it inside the container. The paper towel will keep the herbs dry by absorbing the moisture it gives off.

Cilantro for example..


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